How to Re-open your Business with Precautions in Fort Mill SC and South Charlotte NC

the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses from South Charlotte to Fort Mill are wrestling with ways to reopen with precautions for their customers and employees.  Carolina Office Cleaning has the trained personnel and the key products to make your reopening as safe and healthy as possible.

Carolina Office Cleaning, in business since 1998, uses a special commercial disinfectant recognized as effective against the COVID-19 virus.   This product, not available at retail stores, is a “virucide,” an agent that kills or disables the coronavirus. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes at as a registered agent effective against the COVID-19 Virus and a host of other viruses and bacteria. 

You will feel better if you call on Carolina Office Cleaning to apply the virucide and take other precautions that will make your reopening successful.  Carolina Office Cleaning, a locally owned company, is using the virucide to help many businesses reopen, from Rock Hill SC to Pineville NC, Matthews NC and the Ballantyne area. 

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 Integrity and reliability are important at Carolina Office Cleaning. Our company, founded and owned by a military veteran, is registered with the Better Business Bureau and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

Be confident that you are reopening with precautions in Fort Mill and South Charlotte

Carolina Office Cleaning’s long experience with commercial cleaning helped us deal with concerns about COVID-19.   First we clean and then we disinfect the entire area. We pay special attention to high traffic areas – meeting rooms, break rooms, lobbies, showrooms, restrooms – and to “high-touch” areas such as desks, chairs, faucets, light switches, toilets and computer keyboards. We go the extra mile. For example, we don’t clean and disinfect just the doorknob; we also clean and disinfect all the area around the doorknob.

We are using this approach very successfully with numerous businesses to help reopen Carolina offices, restaurants, stores, healthcare facilities and other commercial and industrial spaces.

 Carolina Office Cleaning 704.846.9219

 Our business office is at 1519 Kingdom Way Fort Mill, SC 29707. We serve many businesses between Fort Mill and South Charlotte NC.

We make offices cleaner and healthier as we re-open with Precautions in Fort Mill and South Chartlette.

Our cleaning staff uses only non-toxic chemicals, leaving your office not only sparkling clean but also less likely to cause respiratory problems and headaches for your employees and customers.   We offer daytime and nighttime cleaning, whichever fits your schedule, and we have a 24-hour number for customers to call in case of emergency. Our janitors are bonded and insured. Many are longtime employees of Carolina Office Cleaning. They are trained and supervised.


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