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Did you know office desks have over 400 times the number of germs as a toilet? Office environments are teeming with germs, that is why it is important to hire a cleaning service you can trust to do the job right.

Carolina Office Cleaning will keep your workplace clean and so you and your employees can enjoy a clean and healthy work environment.

With over 15 years of experience, Carolina Office Cleaning is Charlotte and Fort Mill’s first choice for commercial office cleaning. As a locally owned business, clients receive a personalized touch with the management frequently visiting each client’s office building to inspect and ensure that the company’s high standards for cleanliness are being maintained.


Office Cleaning Services

Providing regular office cleaning based on client needs, clients can opt for nightly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning and maintenance. With the motto “take care of the customer or someone else will”, Carolina Office Cleaning offers a comprehensive list of office cleaning services, including:


  • Office sanitation
  • Bathroom sanitizing
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Vacuuming and floor cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Linens and drapery cleaning with a professional laundry service
  • Garbage removal
  • General maintenance
  • Restock supplies (bathroom products such as soap, paper towels, toilet paper etc.; building garbage bags; and more)


Eco-friendly and Germ-Free

Keeping clients’ customers, office staff, and building workers safe from germs, while protecting the environment is a top priority. That is why all services are performed with safe, eco-friendly products, by Carolina Office Cleaning’s trusted, professional staff. In fact, natural gas vehicle are even replacing the current fleet of petroleum based vehicles.


Locally Owned, Professional Office Cleaning in Charlotte, South Carolina

Delivering professional office cleaning services to a variety of offices and office buildings, Carolina Office Cleaning Services works with a wide array of clients. From small to large offices, medical and dental offices to government buildings, as well as technology, financial, education, and other professional buildings, Carolina Office Cleaning Services has you covered. For more information about Carolina Office Cleaning’s services, call 704-846-9219 or fill out our contact form here.

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