Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte and Fort Mill

Carolina Office Cleaning offers high-quality commercial carpet cleaning services in Charlotte and Fort Mill, using only eco-friendly ingredients.

Most offices and many commercial establishments use carpet for a floor covering which means they need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets cost money and are expensive to replace, so it’s  important that they’re kept in good shape so they don’t need to be replaced sooner than expected. Grime and dirt need to be extracted from carpeting to help keep it in good condition.

At Carolina Office Cleaning, we strive to keep your carpets as clean as possible to help promote a healthier business and working environment for both your employees and customers.

Along with specializing in carpet cleaning with safe, eco-friendly products, we also take care of area rugs. These may be an ideal addition to uncarpeted areas as well as lobbies and hallways, but they usually become dirty quite quickly since they’re typically located in heavy-traffic areas. At Carolina Office Cleaning we use specialized equipment and tools which are designed for the specific type of carpeting or rug you may have. We utilize three different carpet cleaning methods to lift the dirt and battle the toughest stains which are steam, encapsulate and shampoo extraction.

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Since all sorts of dirt and germs can be dragged in from the outdoors and embedded in carpeting, it can quickly lead to an unhealthy environment. We understand the desire for a clean floor area and the financial benefits of prolonging the life of your carpets. We have more than 15 year’s worth of experience in carpet and office cleaning which results in satisfied customers. When offices and commercial establishments need to be cleaned, Carolina Office Cleaning is the first choice for carpet cleaning in Charlotte and Fort Mill Township.

Office Carpet Cleaning Charlotte and Fort Mill

We are well known in the area for our personalized touch and follow-up visits to guarantee our high standards of cleaning have been met. Carpets can also be deodorized after a professional-strength cleaning and this helps neutralize odors as it eliminated them at the source. In addition, a top-of-the-line carpet protector can be applied to help fight off spills, dirt and regular wear and tear. This makes it hard for dirt to invade the carpet fibers and will extend its life.

There’s no such thing as a job that’s too small or too big for Carolina Office Cleaning to handle. You can count on us for professional, friendly service no matter what size job you have in store for us. We’ll be able to provide clients with tips for taking care of their carpeting and rugs as well as working together to come up with a suitable cleaning schedule for your needs.

Please feel free to contact us today at Carolina Office Cleaning Services for more information regarding our professional range of carpet cleaning, office cleaning, and quality janitorial services.

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